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Bharath Electro Components set up in INDIA. Bharath Electro Components in manufacturing precision Ferrous & Nonferrous components, Sub-Assemblies, Bus Bars and CNC machined components. We are provide Dull nickel bangalore,Dull silver bangalore,Antic copper bangalore,Trivalent Yellow,Blue,Black bangalore,Bright Tin bangalore,Chrome Conversation Yellow,White,Green plating bangalore.

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Ferrous & Nonferrous Components

Ferrous in chemistry, indicates a divalent iron compound , as opposed to ferric which indicates a trivalent iron compound.


A sub assembly is a number of machined components integrated into a single unit

Bus Bars

busbar is a metallic strip or bar that conducts electricity within a switchboard, distribution board, substation, battery bank, or other electrical apparatus.

CNC machined components

CNC Machining is a process used in the manufacturing sector that involves the use of computers to control machine tools.

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The Vision & Mission


Bharath Electro Components aims to state of art Global Supplier. Totally customer based, provide cost effective and on time delivery with annual compound growth. Most Important supplier for all kind of precision engineering Product.


Objectives to be pursued in the path of success.

  • Using right manufacturing facilities, business process     and quality system
  • Reducing cost through Volumes, productivity, Innovation and Effective Quality Control & Team Work
  • Continuously getting trained and retrained pursuit of Excellence
  • Being a learning organization and effectively using information technology to improve Quality of Decision Making

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